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Fresh Eyes. New Vision.

Ready to work for you as City Councillor!

Brant Field brings a fresh, new perspective to River Heights - Fort Garry and a dedicated commitment to getting things done for anyone who needs his help. He is rooted in the community - and will put his fresh set of eyes on thorny issues that have remained unresolved for far too long.

As your champion, he will fight to:

  • Reduce Property Crime
  • Restore Tree Canopy
  • Improve Traffic Flow
  • Fix Crumbling Streets
  • Spend Tax Dollars Wisely
  • Protect Rivers from Sewage

As your champion, he will fight to:

Reduce Property Crime

Property crime is a major concern in all areas of River Heights – Fort Garry. I want to help find long-term solutions and get to the root of what’s causing the crime. I will support community watch organizations and programs that educate residents on how to protect themselves. I will also work to increase police support at the community level and support programs that help offset the costs of added security measures.

Improve Traffic Flow

I want to see traffic move more effectively and safely through our neighbourhoods. We need to utilize technology and forward-thinking designs to allow us to maximize the efficiency of our existing roadways. Through traffic should be routed around neighbourhoods.

Spend Tax Dollars Wisely

Now more than ever, we need to pay attention to our spending. I want to treat your money with the same respect and concern that you do. I want to ensure existing services can be maintained and future expansion is accounted for without putting a financial burden on taxpayers.

Protect & Restore Tree Canopy

We continue to lose more and more of our Elm tree canopy from Dutch Elm disease. Not only would I like to see an increase in the protection of our trees but would also prioritize the replacement and maintenance of our green canopy and wild spaces to include less susceptible species of trees. I also support and encourage property owners to plant and maintain their own trees.

Fix Crumbling Streets

Infrastructure is a core element of the services that a City provides to its citizens. It is an investment, not a cost. Being an older community within Winnipeg, our roads are in need of more care. I’ll fight to ensure our roads are prioritized and that the best industry practices are used in building and maintaining our roads.

Protect Rivers from Sewage

I will fight to accelerate the upgrading of our sewers and water treatment projects so that less sewage finds its way into our rivers. This would include finding and utilizing storm water runoff mitigation methods that citizens undertake with the help of the City.

About Brant

Brant Field is a born and raised Winnipegger who grew up in Garden City. After residing in other provinces during his education and early legal career Brant, and his wife, Deanne, knew that they wanted to put down roots back in their home province. Choosing River Heights – Fort Garry was an easy decision and an area Deanne already loved, having grown up in Linden Woods.

Brant attended St. Paul’s High School before attaining his  B.Sc from the University of Manitoba, and J.D. from the University of Saskatchewan. He was called to the Manitoba bar in 2014 and the Alberta bar in 2016. He spent 3 years articling and volunteering at the Legal Help Centre of Winnipeg, a not-for-profit law clinic that provides free legal services to socially and economically disadvantaged members of the community.

He practiced law in both Winnipeg and Okotoks, Alberta for nearly 6 years before pivoting to the construction industry, taking on the position of Project Manager at Riverstone Projects here in Winnipeg. This combined experience has given Brant the skills and knowledge to address a wide range of issues that would be beneficial in the role of City Councillor.

Brant isn’t afraid of a challenge and believes it is important to give back to the community. He and his wife are expecting their first child this December and it has only intensified his commitment to working hard to make Winnipeg even better!

If elected as City Councillor, Brant wants to redirect the City’s focus back to the core services that residents interact with on a daily basis like roads, infrastructure, city services, and emergency and protective services etc. He is committed to working hard on behalf of all residents and hopes to knock on every door within the riding to ensure that all voices and opinions are heard.

Brant Field


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